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a-daks / posted on 22 September 2014

I love reading my old posts and comments on the RT site and here when I was new to the fandom.

I was so nice and had so much potential

TAGS: you either die a newbie or live long enough to become an asshole

a-daks / posted on 22 September 2014

I miss my horns

I miss my horns

TAGS: they fell off now I need to make new ones self

a-daks / posted on 21 September 2014

dangerous news:

I look fabulous in blue lipstick

a-daks / posted on 21 September 2014


Last theories predictions post before the episode since I have to sleep soon:

  1. Felix ends up in the lake
  2. The reds and blues crash the ship
  3. Bad things happen to Wash
  4. Emily Grey is not control
  5. Bitters survives. Either Palomo or Jensen dont. Smith dies.
  6. Doyle dies
  7. Plot twist of the season that makes Felix look like nothing
  8. Freckles comes in handy and gets a new body
  9. all the rule of threes come into effect including the lake (see#1)
  10. Doc
  11. End on a cliffhanger
  12. And maybe: The battle never starts Kimball surrenders to end the war and the fight is with the Feds and News vs the pirates?

Felix and Locus kill everyone

Tex comes back and leashes both of them with chains.

Whole galaxy is on its knees

hail to the βitch


TAGS: RVB red vs blue RVB12 bad photoshop

a-daks / posted on 21 September 2014

Sweet vid

comments are also a prime example of “how I know this was posted on reddit” territory

a-daks / posted on 21 September 2014

Everyone is blowing their load over pumpkin spice everything and I’m just sitting here like

the patient people get the eggnog


a-daks / posted on 21 September 2014

kittycollar19 replied to your post “Woke up with no piss to be found. Slept through the night and…”

did u used to wet the bed?

When I was a toddler yeah?

I’m talking about my cat.

TAGS: kittycollar19 my cat pissed on my head

a-daks via stonedpervert / posted on 21 September 2014


I’m pretty pleased with the 12th doctor

(via pretty-prince-lulu)